Amplicomms BigTel 280 Big Button Amplified Cordless Single DECT Telephone : Quality and effective phone.

Bought this for my mother of 85 who is hard of hearing. First impressions seem good and she can hear it ring and conversations seem clearer from both sides. She even liked the bigger keys.

If you have a hearing problem then this is the phone for you. You amplify calls as you hold the phone. There are lots of other features for the hard of hearing. I would recommend this product.

I bought this for my father, who is profoundly deaf. It was very easy and straightforward to set up. The clarity of sound is excellent both from the phone and the answer machine. My father can hear me so much better than he could on his previous phone and answer machine, which were supposedly for people with hearing problems. Now we can have a normal phone conversation, with no need for me to repeat several times what i say. Even though i have perfect hearing, i am so impressed, i am considering buying myself one. Here are the specifications for the Amplicomms BigTel 280 Big Button Amplified Cordless Single DECT Telephone:

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  • Extra loud adjustable ringer volume upto 80dB
  • 11 minutes recording time for incoming calls
  • DECT-GAP Standard for connection of up to 4 handsets per base station
  • Extra bright LED on handset and base station for visual alert of incoming calls
  • Extra large dot matrix lcd display with large characters and bright backlit display

Well i am pleased with the phone now i have got use to it. I found the answering base a little complicated at first. But its a phone worth buying.

Deaf dad can now answer phone – unfortunately we have to call him now.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Bigtel 280 is a great phone for oldies!
  • Excellent clarity of sound. Good value.
  • all look great are for eldderly parent who lives at distance so

Bought these for my mum who is very hard of hearing, despite wearing a hearing aid. She was getting to the stage she wouldn’t phone friends as she couldn’t hear what they were saying also when you phoned her she couldn’t hear properly and was answering things that you hadn’t asked. Then i thought of new phones, saw these on amazon and read a lot of reviews, she is like a new woman, phones me regularly and now keeps in touch with friends again. The booster button is good also the volume up button, the phone has lovely big buttons and the answer phone is easy to use. She is in her 80’s and like a lot of older people doesn’t like to learn new things but this phone really is great.

Big number amplifying cordless telephone. Some of the buttons on the side of the handset get accidentally pushed when handling. The numbers a lovely and clear for my elderly mother but it’s a shame it doesn’t have more one-touch speed dial buttons as she has trouble remembering how to dial out.