BT Graphite 2100 Single DECT Digital Cordless Phone : Plug, charge and play – easy!

Enough features on these handsets without being silly. Hold a charge for a very good time too but they do arrive completely discharged and need at least 24 hours to fully charge otherwise would have been 5 stars.

Ordered as ‘used’ at competitive price but arrived quickly and well packaged and was in fact ‘as new’ and officially re-worked.

This phone is very user friendly, easy to programme the built in phone book. Good sound quality which does not deteriorate when moving from room to room within the house. I would have enjoyed a wider selection of ring tones, but for the price i can not think there is a better phone available. Here are the specifications for the BT Graphite 2100 Single DECT Digital Cordless Phone:

  • Enter your model number
    to make sure this fits.
  • 50 names and numbers phonebook
  • 10 last numbers redial
  • Backlist display
  • Handsfree speakerphone
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Type 2 caller display compatible

We purchased this phone to replace a broken expensive one that came from john lewis. I was slightly dubious due to the low price, and a few bad reviews, but thought ‘if it’s no good, i’ve only wasted £20’. Smart looking, and easy to use. Only downsides compared to others which are much more expensive is that the screen needs a second look to read who’s calling (could be clearer), and it is quite simple and basic; a handful of ringtones, but that’s all we needed. The line is not perfect, but we live in the middle of nowhere, miles from the box, but it’s much clearer than our previous phone, and that cost over £100. The one thing i do miss is ‘blocking’ for all those ppi nuisances.

Excellent phones with clear sound and good adjustable volume. Excellent phones with clear sound and good adjustable volume, i having hearing difficulties so this is important. Easy to operate and effective. Obviously do not work if you have a power cut so i have an ordinary phone as well in case of emergencies.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Stylish but simple to use
  • Excellent phones with clear sound and good adjustable volume
  • Great basic phone

Very good internal communication system. We already have this phone, but i wanted two more handsets to give us a total of five (the maximum number you can pair with a base) so i bought another set from amazon. I managed to pair two of the handsets to the original base which leaves us with a spare base and one handset which i’ve put to one side. The thing i really like about this phone is being able to use it as an internal communication system. We both have diffculty with stairs and i’m going a bit deaf. It’s so much easier to talk to each other on the ‘phone rather than shout or go up and down. My husband’s just out of hospital and needs assistance. His being able to call me from his chair or bed while i go around the house and garden is so liberating for both of us. I downloaded (from the bt web site) a fuller user guide than the one in the box. This has helped me understand the many helpful features this ‘phone offers. It works ok with the rather unsophisticated answer phone we’ve had for years – and it works just fine as a ‘phone, too.

Bt graphite 2100 philips cordless phone. An excellent phone and tremendous value for money. Nice to hold, good clear sound, and doesn’t need much desk space. My only criticism is that entering and editing numbers into the address book takes a bit of faffing and is not intuitive.

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  1. Was fine when it worked – but packed op after a couple of weeks so was replaced.
  2. This review is from : BT Graphite 2100 Single DECT Digital Cordless Phone – Black

    Was fine when it worked – but packed op after a couple of weeks so was replaced.

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